Pico Athletic Club ( PAC)


The Kick Boxing Plyometric Program

 COLUMBUS INK FOUNDATION - A  501 (C ) (3) Non Profit Organization that seeks to educate, and prevent child obesity.

 Pico Athletic has partnered with the Columbus Ink Foundation  to provide a Kick Boxing and Plyometric program  designed for children from 5 to 18 years. With a planned routine of plyometrics combined with kick- boxing and nutrition, this provides a good foundation to teach families about staying healthy especially with the high rate of obesity within our youth population. This would be a yearly program with training three times a week. Training will be 30 minutes from ages 5 to10 and one hour for ages 11 to 18. Each student will be evaluated for his or her endurance level. The activities include cardio training, plyometric exercises and kick boxing. All activities are from 30 minutes or one hour, based on the age of the student. Many of the families are unable to afford a fitness center or a sports program fee so our program will allow parents to help their children stay fit and healthy.

     This program will provide families with a facility that will reinforce the benefits of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It will also help build the self- esteem of our youth and keep them off the streets. It is also designed to help young people feel better about them-selves both physically and mentally. Studies also show that good exercise and nutrition improves academic performance, which can only reinforce a child’s love for learning. Many of the families  are struggling to make ends meet and after their basic requirements are met there isn’t much left for anything else. At PAC we want to provide a much-needed solution to stressed out families and their children.

     We are asking for your monetary support to make this program accessible to all.  Your tax-deductible donations large or small will be greatly appreciated to get this program up and running. All payment forms are accepted. Please feel free to send your donations directly to Columbus Ink Foundation, 35 East Louise Street, Long Beach California 90805.

  We know everyone has financial issues but we are hoping that every dollar will make a child's dream come true. So feel free to pass this along to your friends.




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