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Quotes I was trying to lose weight by walking 3 times a week, and one day I walked by this gym and I decided to check it out. After, a week I decided to join the gym. Ever since I started working out at Pico Athletic Club I feel much more energetic and confident about myself. The machines are great and the way people treat you here is amazing . There is only one thing I regret, and that is I wish I had discovered Pico Athletic Club sooner. Quotes
Rachel Nahum, 13 years old
Satisfied Customer

Quotes At the age of 50, Roland has helped me get into the best shape of my life. What Roland offers is not just exercise for the body and the mind, it also is a form of therapy. Through astute observation he has pointed out issues such as perfectionism which were blocking my path to peek performance. My confusion around movements has lessened. I am learning to use my body and mind as one. Because of training with Roland I feel more confident, take pride in my appearance and feel optimistic about the physical, mental and psychological boundaries I can continue to shatter in spite of my age." Quotes
Gregory Williams
The Source for Seniors, Owner & Founder

Quotes "I began plyometrics and boxing at Pico Athletic Club a few months ago. Since joining, I've seen immediate results and believe this type of workout maximizes results. Of course, my results wouldn't be possible without Roland, who is passionate and committed to training and putting together individualized exercise regimens to fit a person's goals. I'd definitely recommend Pico Athletic Club and the exercise program to anyone interested in thinking outside "the box" when it comes to exercise". Quotes
Joseph Cartwright

Quotes "All my co-workers and friends have been complimenting my new look, so thank you Roland for getting me back on track. Working out at Pico Athletic Club has made a huge difference in my life". Quotes
Kim Carter
Satisfied Customer

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