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Redefining Fitness

Posted by picoathleticclub on October 8, 2013 at 4:50 PM

Photo: Thyronne Millaud

For years Roland Richards have been telling his clients that "Diets don't work," and he once again proves this with his new photo shoot. Once Roland decided to go in front the camera again he just did some simple adjustments. There was no radical change in his eating plan;of course the standards were always the same, which he constantly reinforces to his clients, NO BUTTER,CHEESE,FRIED FOODS, SODAS(SUGARY DRINKS). Besides maintainng a strict workout regimen of cardio and plyometrics, Roland simply cut back on milk products(Yogurt), ABSOLUTELY NO ALCOHOL and not much of a drinker(ocassionally a glass of wine) that was not a problem. Drinking water and keeping hydrated is always a priority and that was minimizied the day before the shoot, since the body retains water and if you're going in front of the camera you don't want to look puffy.

Any one can get healthy and stay healthy, it just takes dedication and commitment to your body and your self. So many of us make time for things that do not empower us and why wait for an illness or accident to be the wake-up call. 

As Roland clearly states,"Not all bodies are created equal, so why not create the body you want for life." 

Roland's Recommendations:


  • Workout at least three times a week (or walk everyday for 20 minutes)
  • Remove butter,cheese, fried foods and sugary drinks from your food plan
  • Eat a balanced food plan of protien,complex carborhydrates,fruits and vegetables
  • Drink lots  of water
  • Get plenty of rest
  • Enjoy life


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