Pico Athletic Club ( PAC)


Roland /Personal Trainer

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Roland Personal Trainer has been a pioneer in the field of fitness and health for the last two decades.
Roland also studied the fighting techniques used by the masters in the world of Wrestling Boxing nad Mixed Martial Arts, allowing him to focus on the importance of sculpting a great outer frame, while directly targeting his inner muscles for strength against inevitable injuries.

As he continued to train his body properly, he began to develop exercise programs of his own which built his core strength, helping his body to repair itself at a much faster rate. Driven by his measurable results and passion for the sport, Roland began recruiting friends to challenge his new techniques, and the results were astounding. Not only were his subjects reaching their goal weight, but they also grew stronger internally… and thus, the Pico Athletic Club was born.

Roland’s motto is simple... "Not all bodies are created equal, so create the body you want.”

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