Pico Athletic Club ( PAC)


Roland Richards



         Roland Richards, owner of Pico Athletic Club (aka PAC) and Personal Trainer has been a pioneer in the field of fitness and health for the last two decades. He grew up with 89 brothers and sisters. Yes, that’s right, growing up in Nigeria where a man can have several wives; so behold many siblings. With that said as a young boy it became necessary for him to fend off not just his brothers but other city children as well. So fighting became a natural part of his young life and would become a huge part in his future.

      Years later after fending off some “tough guys” in a nightclub and surviving, a “scout” approached and told him about the very real world of underground

Fighting or “Street Fighting” as it was called back then which is a very dangerous sport though now legal (called Ultimate Fighting) it continues to entice fans across the nation.

    Roland enthusiastically embarked on this exciting, yet dangerous journey winning every fight and developing a strong fan base. Even though he was experiencing success, he was also incurring many injuries which lead him on his quest to truly understand and master how his body could better handle these injuries. So began his research and training with professional athletes, questioning orthopedic surgeons, scientists, and professional gymnast in an effort to grasp the entire concept of the body and how it works. He also studied the fighting styles used by African warriors called Greco Roman wrestling. Roland concluded and the experts agree that he was building a great outer frame but inner muscle strength was weak which resulted in too frequent injuries.

     As he continued to train his body properly, he began to develop exercises that not only built his core strength but he noticed his injuries were less and his body healed at a much faster rate. Being a perfectionist, Roland began recruiting friends and training them with his new program, the results were astounding. Not only were they losing weight but they also got stronger internally and as they say the rest was history… Pico Athletic Club was born.

     Roland is continuing his passion for helping others by partnering with Columbus Ink Foundation( a Non- Profit 501(c )(3) Organization) that is dedicated to fighting childhood obesity. This "problem" is spreading rapidly across our nation so Mr. Richards saw the need to develop an exercise and health program geared to parents and their children.  By introducing a strong plyometric / kick boxing program and nutritional seminars he hopes to re-educate families and hopefully save lives. His motto is simple. "Not all bodies are created equal, so create the body you want".


     Roland Richards